Brisbane Family Photographer – Paula, Aaron & the boys

Hello and welcome back to your Brisbane Family Photographer.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and here’s to another great year filled with crushing goals, happiness and spending time with the people you love.

Today Paula and her family will be featured on the blog and they are my first session of 2017.
We almost didn’t get to create these beautiful photographs due to the unpredictable weather. All afternoon the rain was on and off and we last minute decided we would risk it and it definitely paid off!

Paula and her family were so lovely, energetic and up for anything. Paula is almost ready to deliver another child to the clan and they are so excited! I wish them all the best on their next chapter of their lives. Here are a few photographs from our session at The Powerhouse and New Farm Park in Brisbane.


photographs-by-grace-1-of-25 photographs-by-grace-3-of-25 photographs-by-grace-4-of-25 photographs-by-grace-5-of-25 photographs-by-grace-6-of-25 photographs-by-grace-7-of-25 photographs-by-grace-9-of-25 photographs-by-grace-11-of-25 photographs-by-grace-14-of-25 photographs-by-grace-17-of-25 photographs-by-grace-18-of-25 photographs-by-grace-21-of-25 photographs-by-grace-22-of-25 photographs-by-grace-23-of-25 photographs-by-grace-25-of-25

– Grace


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