Landscape Photographer – Aurora Borealis

I am in love with the aurora borealis.

Once you have seen the beauty once, you are addicted.

I had seen it twice before and could not get over the magnificent colours, movement and incredible view that I was witnessing with my own eyes.

My friend Meg had come from Australia and although she had lived in Canada for many years, she had never seen the beauty that  is the aurora. It was at 53% and I though why not head out and see if we could see it?

We could see a faint glow for almost two hours and decided to head home. As I turned a corner Meg yelled “What is that?????” I looked sideways and said “That it!!!! Thats’s the aurora” and turned the car around as quickly as possible.
We sat off a main road for some time and enjoyed the show that the aurora provided.

Here are some images from that night.




Calgary landscape photographer | Canmore landscape photographer | Alberta Photographer



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