Top 5 places to see in Alberta.

Canada is incredibly beautiful and Alberta is no exception.

I have fell in love with Alberta’s diversity, mountain scenery and the most incredible places I have seen yet. I’ve seen so much of Alberta yet there is still so much to explore! I’m currently residing in Calgary with it’s 300+ sunny days which is bliss since I grew up in a state that named itself “The Sunny State.” Calgary is so close to many national parks, beautiful mountains and incredible hikes. If you are ever heading to Canada, be sure to not skip this beautiful province because you will indeed be missing out of some exceptional beauty.

Here are 5 places to see in Alberta!

1. Waterton Lakes National Park

A three hour drive form Calgary and you find yourself in an incredibly beautiful and relatively quiet national park. To get the best views of Waterton Lakes and further more, Glacier National Park in Montana, be sure to hike up Bear’s Hump. The hike is relatively steep, however, be sure to persevere and make it to the top because the views are absolutely incredible. Any struggles you may have had whilst walking up the hill will be irrelevant once you see the view.

Waterton Lakes National Park

2. Nordegg

This hidden away little town is wonderful for getting away to the wilderness. We stayed in one of the hostels by the Hi Hostels and as usual they were a lovely log cabin styled accommodation with only a few other tourists. Close by is Abraham Lake and I was hoping to see it completely frozen, however, it wasn’t cold enough! Abraham Lake is freaking amazing at sunset so be sure to set up your lawn chairs and enjoy the incredible show you’re about to see. The wind is incredibly strong to be sure to wear a windbreaker, a beanie and some gloves. Also a great spot for cross country skiing.

Abraham Lake, Alberta.

3. Canmore

I love this little ski town. Banff is quite commercialized and whilst I do enjoy Banff, Canmore has that great community vibe going on. Plus it’s only an hour drive from Canmore, has incredible hikes and amazing cafes will all of the delicious foods! If you love hiking, this is the town you want to visit.

Grassi Lakes
Grassi Lakes

4. Lake Louise

Lake Louise is extremely touristy and with one road in, it can get a little packed with people and definitely take some time to get to the location. In saying that, it is a must see! I think the reason I hold Lake Louise close to my heart is the amazing road trip that brought me here for the first time. The Lake was frozen and the 4 of us decided to lay on the lake, have a nap (my favourite activity!) and take in the silence we were surrounded by. It was perfection and ever since this beautiful landmark stands out to me. Google some pictures to get an idea of how incredible it is.

Lake Louise, Alberta.

5. Jasper 

I stayed at the Fairmont while in Jasper and it was an experience in its self. The beautiful accommodation is situated just out of the downtown and the rooms surround an incredible lake with beautiful views of the mountains. If you’re on the lookout for wildlife, this is a place you must stop. Elk are running ramped over the highways and many tourists stop to watch and take photographs (including me) and you’ll be sure to see a moose or two. While seeing animals in the wild is incredible, remember to ensure your safety, their safety and respect that this is these animals homes and they can feel threatened if you are too invasive. With that said, enjoy the ski hills, scenery and quite touristy town.

Jasper, Alberta.


– Grace

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