Alberta – Canmore Take 3!

Seeing as Brad and I have had some time off before Brad starts his job and I find a job I like, we’ve had countless days to explore the surroundings around us.

We decided to explore a little bit further than Canmore and ended up on a beautiful drive around Kananaskis Country and it was just incredible. We noted a few great camping spots and can’t wait for the summer to come along so we can explore the beautiful mountains even more.

We stopped by and got talking to a fisherman along our travels. He asked us if he should start fishing on the ice today… We are definitely the wrong people to ask seeing as we’ve only experienced frozen lakes for a year and don’t often venture onto them unless we’re sure! It was 12 degrees (so warm and delightful!) so we were quite sure he shouldn’t be risking it on the ice but he decided to do so. He had done this countless times, or so he said, and thought he should deb fine. We decided to stay back anyway as we were the only people around for quite some time and made sure he was okay. Once he got to his location he gave us the thumbs up and we left. Phew! I was not up to rescuing a grown man from freezing water today!

Here are a few photos from our latest trip.


Canmore Photographer Canmore Photographer Canmore PhotographerCanmore photographer Canmore Canmore Photographer

Calgary Photographer

– Grace


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