Calgary Photographer – Andrew and Beth

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Wow! Beth and Andrew are some of my favourite clients to date!
The photo session couldn’t have gone any better as they were so in love, so happy and great at posing. Everything you want in a couple you are going to photograph.

When Beth said she had a location just across the road from their home I was excited to see the location and she did not disappoint! I am so glad I wore my snow boots as we did do a fair bit of trekking through the wilderness and snow which I am not complaining about because I love the adventure. Beth and Andrew are so lucky to live in such an incredible, secluded and absolutely beautiful location.

Beth also surprised me at the end of the session by telling me she was a birth photographer. I’m glad she told me at the end because I believe I may have been a little bit nervous! Beth is also a doula in Calgary and provides women with a supportive, informed and safe birth experience along with providing birth photography. Her webpage can be seen at & on Facebook

Andrew is a coordinator at a camp just out of Bragg Creek and Andrew and Beth also built their own tiny house – these two are incredible!

Here are a few images from their session.


Calgary Photographer Calgary Photographer Calgary Photographer Calgary Photographer

Calgary Photographer Calgary Photographer Calgary Photographer Calgary PhotographerCalgary Photographer   Calgary Photographer

– Grace

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