Tips for Interviews

Somedays I think I would rather skydive or do something equally as dramatic and thrill seeking than doing an interview. Especially when it’s for a position that I really really want.

Interviews are not something I can avoid much longer. It’s been week 2 of no job and my bank balance is running a little dry so again, it’s interview time! For all you non travellers, you would only have to interview every now and then. For me it’s every 6 months and boy is it painful!

Interview tips

Who else gets overly nervous when doing an interview?

I’ve found a few tips that help me relax a little and help to keep in the interview frame of mind and now pulling my hair out stressed frame of mind.

1. Don’t drink coffee before an interview! No one likes coffee breathe and if you’re anything like me, you’ll miss the coffee sweats and just get the normal nervous sweats. I swear I’m not a sweaty person, only in interviews and after coffee haha.

2. Prepare, prepare, prepare! Know the company you will be working for, know the position and the reasons why you are applying. I find it easy to open up a notebook and writing down a lists of reasons why I want the role, my skills, strengths and weaknesses (the most cringe worthy interview question!). I also find it helpful just to answer a few questions that may be asked. Google is your friend, so type in interview questions and I am sure you will find a few that you can prepare for.

3. Be organized! Make sure you have your interview outfit chosen the night before, try it on and have a backup outfit! I cannot count the amount of times I’ve had to change my original outfit from the one I originally chose. I may be prone to spillage so now I don’t wear my outfit until I am ready to leave. Make sure your clothing is appropriate for the role. If you’re not sure, dress formal as it always leaves a great impression. Ensure you have all documentation you need and know the route you will be taking to get there. No one likes you to be late for an interview so map our your destination and make sure you’re there on time!

4. Remember your manners! Thank the interviewer for taking time out of your day to interview you and I generally send a follow up email. Manners go a long way!

5. Relaxxxxx! At the end of the day just be yourself. The amount of jobs I have been accepted for because of my personality instead of my skills is countless. Be happy, positive and passionate.

Good luck on all your future interviews and I hope you get that position you were hoping for!

– Grace


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