Canmore, Canmore, Canmore!

Moving to Calgary is already shaping up to be amazing! I’ve been to Canmore before and loved the little town so to go back and realize it’s just as great as I remembered was blissful. We decided to head on a hike to Grassi Lakes. Oh what fools we were! Seeing as the warmer weather has been hitting Alberta we thought it would be the perfect time for hiking. We’ve hiked in the snow before and it’s been relatively easy, that is until today. We did not just hike in snow, we hiked on ice and much to my dismay I went up in the air more times than I can count. There were many many laughs from not only me but everyone around me trying just as hard to master the climb. We managed to not only get to Grassi Lakes but head further on where it seemed that no one else had been as brave (or foolish) to head further on through the snow and ice to the beautiful lake further up the track.It was well worth the struggle and especially since we had packed the cheese board along with some delicious cheese from what I can only assume to be my new favourite cheese store, Peasant.  If you are in Calgary be sure to stop on by as their selection is incredible, the staff are so knowledgable and lovely and lastly but definitely not least, who can resist cheese?! Any who, back to Canmore! We initially headed to Canmore to catch up with our friend Jamie who travels just as much as we do! We met Jamie in Vancouver and she is such a wonderful and interesting person. I just love hearing all of her stories and especially since we hadn’t seen her for almost a year! I left my camera in the car so no pictures of our reunion but there is always next time 😉 Here are a few shots I took while in Canmore. Canmore Photographer Canmore Photographer Canmore Photographer Canmore Photographer Canmore Photographer Enjoy!


Calgary Photographer | Canmore Photographer | Alberta Photographer


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