5 habits I gained when I moved to Canada from Australia.

Calgary Photographer

Moving from Australia was quite easy until the winter came! Here’s a few habits I’ve happily gained whilst living in the beautiful land of Canada.

1. The love of poutine. While I can’t say I can appreciate the “real” poutine as many could say as I’m vegetarian and only eat. veg gravy; however, the poutines that I have had are pretty damn amazing. Nothing is better then indulging in poutine on a cold winters day or night. Oh and you also pronounce it poo-tin not poo-teen.

2. Calling $1 &$2 coins loonies and twonies.

3. To drink less. Living in Australia, every holiday is an excuse to laze about the pool, have a few beers and relax with some friends. It is anticipated on every holiday you’ll be invited to someones for a bbq and drinks but not so much in Canada. I often wonder if it’s the weather that affects this. It seems like Canadians like to get out there and explore or just relax close to home.Canadians have got it right with the Bulldog – a margarita and beer make everything better.

4.Layering. If this is all you take away from this article then I am happy I could help. If you’ve lived in Australia, you think layering if putting on a cardigan and maybe a thin scarf. Not anymore! Layering is about putting on a base layer including wool socks (maybe even 2 pairs), the second layer and then the third can be your big winter coat, torque (beanie for you Australian’s), gloves, scarf and winter boots. Have no skin showing and you should be fine! It takes me an extra 15 minutes to get ready each day and it’s my least favourite time of the day.¬†Dedicate a decent amount of money to a good pair of winter boots and coat and you’ll be set. If I can comprehend the magnitude of coming from 35 degrees to -35 you can do it to!

5. Driving on the opposite side of the road and in winter! Coming from Australia did not prepare me for winter driving.




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