Alberta – Tourists in Calgary.

Today was the day to explore our new city in Calgary, Alberta.

Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada with 332 sunny days on average! Sunshine makes me oh so happy, if only the temperature reflected those sunshine days. Calgary is only 80kms from the Rocky Mountains and home to Stampede

After a few days we found ourselves feeling settled and with all of the boxes unpacked! We decided it was the day to be tourists in our new home.

A beautiful old man stopped us and said “I saw you two before and I just wanted to stay what a nice looking couple you are.” All I wanted to say is CAN I KEEP YOU?!  but instead I did the rational thing and said thank you.  I love how a strangers comment can make you so joyous.

Anyway, we headed about to see a few places I had googled and stumbled upon. Here are a few images from today.

My mate Hedwig and I.

Calgary photographer

Peace Bridge or finger trap? Calgary Peace Bridge Calgary  Calgary art




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