Peace Out, Edmonton and Hello Calgary!

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This week has been a long one.
It started with returning from Mexico and again, we left little time to move ourselves from Edmonton to Calgary. I will, however, give us credit for leaving a week between returning from vacation and relocating to another city. Our last move we gave ourselves a night to clean & pack and then we were on the road again! Somehow we always manage to make it work and I love us for that.

So the week passed with some packing but clearly not enough for moving day. I was sick for the week so I spent most of my free time sleeping and trying to get better for moving day on Saturday. We got up and headed out for our morning coffee and the car wouldn’t start. We weren’t too concerned as it was early and very cold, plus the weather was said to be improving throughout the day. We said we’d try when we got back home and hopefully it would start again. It didn’t. We had to pick our UHAUL up so we decided to use Uber and deal with the car later. We still had all afternoon, right? WRONG! We get to the UHAUL office and they didn’t have our truck NOOOOOOOO! We had called earlier to confirm yet there was a glitch in the system so we had to run around to the other side of town to get one. A hard thing to do when you’re in the middle of nowhere and without a car. Anyway, we ended up getting our truck with 2 hours behind schedule, I pulled a muscle in my back the first 5 minutes, we had a 4 floor walk up to carry all of our belongings down and the car was now making a weird sound. G-reat! (Please note my sarcasm)

We called AMA and they were wonderful and towed the car to a friends house. The starter motor had gone in it so we weren’t getting it anywhere today. Why today of all days?! For me, it seemed a blessing in disguise and I was happy to leave it behind. Our neighbours helped us with our heavy couch and we ended up making it into Calgary just before midnight. Oh what a relief it was to see that beautiful sign saying “Welcome to Calgary.” I think Brad and I did pretty well considering the day that we had. I know that our personality and travelling nature makes us quite adaptable but today was a tough one. We didn’t have time to cry, fight or be frustrated with the day so sometimes the only thing you can do is roll with the punches.

Here’s to a new adventure in Calgary!


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