Mexico – Tulum for Valentines Day.

Valentines Day for me isn’t a big deal. I like the sentiment, however, I don’t think women or men should place unrealistic expectations on their loved ones to outdo themselves each year in showing how much they love you. I don’t need one day to prove my love to Brad, this should be apparent each and every day we’re together or apart. So for Valentines Day this year we spent it with a few amazing friends exploring the ruins in Tulum and incredible cenotes.


Anyone who is close to me knows how terrified I am of reptiles and in particular lizards. I know, I know, growing up in Australia I should be immune to seeing them all the time but I am sadly not. I jump at the site of one and am always fearful one will bite me even though they never have. I tell you this story because when we arrived at the ruins in Tulum, there were hundreds and possibly even thousands of iguanas and small lizards. It was my hell on earth. Despite all the reptiles I still had a good time and the ruins were absolutely incredible especially reading how long they had been there along with what each building had represented in the past. It just shows how far we’ve come.

Tulum, Mexico Tulum, Mexico Tulum, Mexico Tulum, Mexico

One we had finished there, we headed to a beautiful beach with no iguanas! My idea of paradise and the water was amazing. Having lunch and a beer on a beautiful beach on the coast of Tulum was exactly what we all needed. We then headed to a Gran Cenote which I was extremely excited about because who doesn’t go to Mexico and visit one? They are such an incredible formation and exploring through underground caves. swimming with turtles and hanging with little bats was incredible. I wish we could have stayed all day!

Gran cenote, Tulum

Gran cenote, Tulum Gran cenote, Tulum Gran cenote, Tulum Tulum, Mexico Tulum, Mexico

To top off an incredible day, Brad surprised me with dinner at a fancy restaurant  he had booked a month before we had arrived – such a sweetheart especially because he made sure it had a cheese platter! He definitely knows cheese is one way to my heart 😉

Tulum, Mexico

This was one of our best Valentines Days yet. Hope you all had an amazing day with the people you love, whether they be your lover, friends or family.



– Grace


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