Mexico – Getting out of hotel zone and heading to the real Cancun.

I type this blog post whilst sitting on what appears to be oversized dog beds in our beautiful minimalist townhouse on the outskirts of Cancun but I’m not complaining.

Quote - Elizabeth Edwards

We arrived at the street we believed to be our airbnb for the next few days. The cab driver had dropped us off a few streets back at the wrong location so we walked around aimlessly looking for our townhouse. We were accosted by some not so friendly guard dogs that lined every house and barked aggressively as we walked past. The thoughts of our expired travel insurance ran through my mind and I started to envision what kind of treatments I could master myself and keep me out of a hospital until I re-entered Canada and would be covered by glorious health care. Luckily, it didn’t come to that and we managed to contact our host and she so graciously collected us and drove us to our home for the next few days. We have all travelled extensively so a hiccup in travel plans didn’t stress us out but I know for some of you, this can be your worst nightmare! All I can say is try to adapt to every situation. Not everything is going to plan out how you envisioned it and that’s okay because maybe it’ll be an even better experience or a funny story to tell in months to come when the shock of it has worn off.

I am not naive, however, I feel that to enjoy and embrace change, a culture and the adventure you have to jump out of your comfort zone a little as that is where all the magic happens and you don’t want to miss that. Be aware of your surroundings and research common laws, practices and ways of life of the place you will be visiting before you head there. That way you’re somewhat prepared for travelling in another country that differs quite greatly from your own. In the words of many Australian’s before me “You’ll be right, mate!”


– Grace


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