Mexico – Cancun is the perfect winter getaway!

As I laze about outside on our deck chairs listening to the sweet sounds of the ocean, now feels like the best time to update you on my travels. Cancun, Mexico Never have I been so joyous to see the beach and feel the warm rays of sunshine soak into my skin. Being isolated in winter for the last 4 months has definitely been a test for this Australian. I forgot how good it is to wake up, put your swimmers on and jump into that refreshing sea water. It has been my daily routine since we’ve been here and I am already dreading returning to -15 degree weather! While I love Canada, warm weather and coastal lifestyle calls for me to return home someday. So far Cancun has been what I expected and that it quite touristy, however, for the most part it hasn’t been too busy! We’ve explored cancun city, hung out with some of the locals and ate at some of the more authentic local joints (and didn’t get upset stomachs yes!) which were absolutely amazing. Being vegetarian can often be hard when ordering off a menu that only reads in Spanish, the staff can only speak Spanish and you’re another bloody tourist that can’t speak the language!  I really wish I had learnt a little more Spanish than hola and gracias… but I’ve managed by guessing, hand gestures and translating apps (thank you app store!). So far it’s been pure bliss and I can’t wait to head out to Playa Del Carmen this weekend for my 25th birthday yay! Cancun, Mexico at sunset Until next time, Grace.


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