Five tips for relaxation from a busy work week.

I have been majorly stressed this week with looking for a new job, a new house and a bunch of other small things. Some weeks are just harder than others and this week was one of them.


It’s not all bad though. I have secured an interview next week for a real social work job! Hurrah!!! Let’s hope my preparation matches their expectations and I smash the job interview with them hiring me on the spot haha. Just a little wishful thinking but it doesn’t hurt, aye? See, Canada is rubbing off on me 😛

Whilst travelling you can be a little lost without your creature comforts and the people that support you most. Nothing can replace the people who support, love and make you feel like you do anything. Though, there are few things to lift those spirits and help you relax a little bit in your busy work week.

Here are a few things that have helped keep me sane this week.

1. My love – Brad is so patient, kind, loving and supportive. Even when I may not deserve his kindness or patience. I can be a bit of a brat sometimes – can’t we all? He keeps me in line, calm and focused on what matters. Being happy is incredibly important for me and he strives to make me as happy as can be. And I am.

2.Wayne Gretsky – A glass of merlot and I are great friends. A glass of Wayne Gretsky merlot and I are even better friends! I found this gem in a local liquor store and boy was I in for a treat. Made locally in Kelowna, they sure know how to make delicious wine. If you’re ever in Canada make sure to head on a wine tour in Kelowna and you will be surprised at just how many vineyards there are!

3.Elle Fit Active – I’m not really a yoga fan, however, Elle’s bed time stretches have made me take time out of my busy schedule and remind me to take care of myself.

4.The National – Listening to The National anytime of day is incredible. The sweet sounds of Matt Berninger makes me so happy, calm and at peace with the world.

5. Lush – A bubble bath with lush, a good book and no interruptions would make any girl happy. Now all I want is a bubble bath!



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