Let’s be adventurers, darling.

Hello hello!


This week has been somewhat dismal. Not only was it the first week back at work, it was also   the time when my never ending issue of a car decided to stop working in the cold weather. It was expected, however, it was not a welcome site. With no further travel in site any time soon I have been trying to embrace the Edmonton ways of life. While I envisioned learning to snowboard this winter my plans changed and so, I adapted as I always will. While Edmonton is not my favourite place to be, I will make the most of my time here! We live close by to the river valley and I have purchased some cross country skis and have been teaching myself the ways. I am by no means great yet, but I will be. Oh and I have also been enjoying a favourite pastime of Canadian kids by sledding – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. I may still have a bruised butt from it but it was worth braving the cold and the rocks for the sheer thrill of making it down the slope in one piece.

The extreme cold weather of -20 and lower have made far too many days curled up on the couch with a many cups of coffee and netflix on repeat. I don’t like being inside for too long and crave being outdoors and adventuring. Especially since we moved across the seas to live and explore another country so being trapped indoors for too long is not my idea of a fun time!  I’ve ensured that I head out at least every day to do errands or explore the city a little more. It’s also allowed me time to update my blog, reflect on how extremely grateful I am for the life I have and be up to date on all of my favourite tv shows ha.

Brad and I have learnt a valuable lesson in not taking peoples words for fact, not entrusting people to tell the truth and to make sure you get your car mechanically checked before you purchase it! It was a costly lesson, however, theres no point dwelling over the things we should or shouldn’t have done. We’ll get a new car eventually and until then there are ways of getting around without it. No car won’t stop our adventures, that’s for sure!

The last year I have been spoiled for adventures, far more than any of my friends and family have enjoyed. So I take happiness that I have accomplished one of my dreams of living in another country, finding more lifelong friends & travelling as much as I possibly can. Now, if only I can get a job as a travel photographer than I would be overly joyous.

For all the dreamers, lovers and travellers – you are the ones I am writing for.


– Grace


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