Blogging 101 – Assignment 1

Today starts a new project with and comes my first assignment of introducing myself.

Many people may already know me, however, this is for those of you who don’t.

I’m Grace, 24, healthy, happy and freckly. I was born in Australia and lived there for almost 24 of my years. I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and spent my days by the beach and living a wonderful life. Around 19/20 I outgrew the coastal lifestyle and wandered on to the big city of Brisbane. There I spent four years studying and gained a Bachelor of Social Work which I am yet to use. I lived with 3 amazing people and had so many adventures, laughter and happiness with them. The memories of the Burchell House continue to bring me happiness.

Last year I decided it would be my final year in Australia for the next few years. The urge to travel and to travel far was just too overpowering to ignore. I had never traveled for more than a month and the thought of discarding all of my belongings and starting up a new adventure was not only exciting, but necessary. I spoke to my partner, Brad and we had many lengthy discussions about the logistics of moving. In the end we both decided on Canada and he was getting even more excited that I was! So here we are, a year later and still living, loving and exploring the beautiful sites of Canada. The life of a traveler is not for everyone but I couldn’t imagine a life without it. The thought of heading home is one that makes me scared as I am not finished adventuring just yet.

The reasons I created this blog initially was to keep in touch with family and show my adventures. However, I also am a freelance photographer and turned in into a page to share my work with clients. I am continuously learning all there is to know about photography and love the journey it has taken me. Now if only I could get a job that combined photography and travel and I would be in total bliss! My blog has transpired into a place to share my work but also to share a bit about who I am and the travels I’m on. I’m sure in future months if not years these my travel and photography will separate, although, for now I am happy where it’s at.

Here’s a little bit about me and I hope you have enjoyed.
Here’s to many more assignments and creating a blog that makes you just as happy as I am 🙂


– Grace


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