Accommodation Options For The Budget Traveller




I love love love Airbnb. I have stayed in beautiful places all over Canada and America and have met so many wonderful, inspiring and generous people. It’s a low cost version to some of the best places I’ve stayed at. I love the homely touch and feeling like you’re in a home away from home. I also like the opportunity to stay in areas you more than likely would have overlooked. It’s built on a community and I feel that people using and providing services on Airbnb have an underlying respect of each other and I love it. You can rent a couch, a room or an entire place whatever your budget allows. My favourite experience was an amazing loft apartment in Montreal for $80 a night with all of the perks including an incredible view on the roof top terrace, a sauna and the best neighbourhood in Montreal!

Have fun, relax and take a risk if you call it that. I don’t think renting a place on airbnb is a big deal but it is to some. Put a little bit of faith in humanity and experience something new. If you decide to join airbnb use my code to save yourself some money and me :).


I can only speak of Canadian hostels and the Hi brand in particular.

Each of their hostels is a beautifully handcrafted log cabin, in breath taking locations (for the most part) and you get to meet people from all over the world. You can choose private rooms or share a dorm with a few other people and be ready to make some friends. I haven’t spent more than $30 a night so it’s a great deal for budget travellers and a great way to meet fellow travellers and start another adventure! Check out online the reviews and just make sure the bed bugs don’t bite ;P!


Workstay or Helpx are companies designed to barter volunteer work for accommodation and food. This is a no cost option that allows you to explore a new place for as long as your heart desires/your hosts will let you for an average of 3-6 hours work a day. A great option for those money poor but travel hungry!

House sitting

 House sitting is s a great tool that allows you to say for free ranging from days to months for free! House sitting websites such as are an excellent source to creating a house sitting profile. They do charge a yearly fee of $107 CAD, however, when you weigh this up against potential accommodation costs, it is a bargain!


Want to be in the middle of it all? Grab some camping gear and hit the road! If you’re only visiting for a short time be sure to hit up and you can hire the gear you need and return at the end of your trip. I love being outdoors and camping is the perfect excuse not to wash you hair, laze about in the sunshine and explore as much as you can. Oh and relaxing in the afternoon with a glass of wine or two!  Just be sure to research your surroundings, the time of year and what animals can be around. You wouldn’t want to ruin your trip by getting eaten alive by a bear would you?


When you’re in the mood to treat yo self!

Check out the location you are after and the hotels will be listed with a list of prices through other websites.  Trip advisor will list a range of prices that can be booked through third party websites and just pick the cheapest option. Just make sure you look at the taxes on each website before you book to ensure you get that good deal you’re after. I find Trip Advisor great when I’m searching for a hotel and I want to make sure I’m getting the most bang for my buck.



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