Edmonton Family Photographer

Today my first thoughts were “It feels toasty in here!” and I proceeded to check the temperature. It read -2, oh what a delight!
I could never have thought I would hear myself utter those words but here we are. Growing up in Australia has never prepared me for this kind of cold but somehow I’m managing but am lusting over the sweet Australian sunshine.
Today’s photo session was with a lovely family of three. They were such a delight to photograph and little Ben sure was the cheeky fellow. Towards the end of our session the sun was starting to go down behind the trees and it gave that beautiful afternoon light that I love.

Here are a few shots from the session.


 Photographs by GracePhotographs by Grace Photographs by Grace Photographs by Grace  Photographs by Grace Photographs by Grace     Photographs by Grace Photographs by Grace   Photographs by GracePhotographs by GracePhotographs by Grace Photographs by Grace

Photographs by Grace


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2 thoughts on “Edmonton Family Photographer

  1. hi Grace, love your photos. When I first visited Canada many years ago, as an Aussie from the tropics ( queensland) i had never seen snow. The friends i was visiting could not believe it when they said “look at the snow clouds” and in my ignorance I replied, “oh, snow comes from clouds?”
    another no-no was instantly taking my shoes off in the freezing winter and running to paddle in the nearby lake – as you’d do, in Queensland. Not Canada. takes a bit of getting used to, but Canada is a beautiful country. Have you been to Lake Banff yet? It’s glorious… indiginous name Lake of the Little Fishes…..

    1. Thanks for your comment. Canada really is a wonderful place!
      I’m from the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and I must say I am missing those beaches and warm weather at the moment!
      I have been to Banff and thought it was absolutely beautiful! I really am enjoying the adventures just not the -30 weather haha.

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