Alberta – A trip down to Southern Alberta.

Since buying a car Brad and I have aimed to do as many trips as we can before the winter set in. We knew we’d be pushing it by heading to Calgary, Canmore and Waterton Lakes National Park this weekend, however, some how it was perfection! The weather couldn’t have been better and the scenery was spectacular as always. Whenever we go these long drives, it allows me to think and realize just how great this journey. How proud I am of myself for pursuing the life I love and happy with rather than settling down into a career I hate. I don’t know that I’ll ever want to stop travelling but for now, I can’t see myself home for many years. Exploring the unknown is such a beautiful, welcoming and incredibly enjoyable journey. Quit your day job and do what makes you happy 🙂

 DSC_3539 DSC_3686 DSC_3658 DSC_3635 DSC_3592 DSC_3613   DSC_3700  DSC_3515

DSC_3651  DSC_3647DSC_3643  DSC_3645

DSC_3550 Canmore PhotographerCanmore PhotographerCanmore PhotographerCanmore Photographer

Canmore Photographer

– Grace

Waterton Photographer | Calgary Photographer | Alberta Photographer


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