Lukas’ 1st Birthday!

I recently captured a 1st birthday that was amazing! It was built for kids AND adults!

What a delight for everyone! There was a slide outside, face painter, d.j and me of course ūüôā

The atmosphere was fun all night and the beautiful parents were absolutely lovely and so concerned with making sure everyone had a good time!

While the birthday boy refused to smile for the most part, we did get one smile out of him!

Thanks Ashley for putting on such a beautiful day for your son and allowing me to capture part of it.


– Grace

DSC_1535 DSC_1567 DSC_1636 DSC_1645 DSC_1807 DSC_1811 DSC_1823 DSC_1841 DSC_1687 DSC_1690 DSC_1741 DSC_1820 DSC_1821 DSC_1825 DSC_1826 DSC_1845 DSC_1852 DSC_1859 DSC_1888 DSC_1891 DSC_1901 DSC_1966 DSC_1967 DSC_1969 DSC_1898DSC_1520 DSC_1525 DSC_1534 DSC_1545 DSC_1562 DSC_1571 DSC_1588 DSC_1592 DSC_1600 DSC_1604 DSC_1660 DSC_1664 DSC_1677 DSC_1680 DSC_1683 DSC_1924

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