Yesterday I photographed a beautiful lady whom wanted photographs for her boyfriend in another province. As most of these images are private I will just show you a sneak peak of a few photographs.
Natalie had set up her living room with lots of props and had a heap of ideas for the shoot. It was Natalie’s first time getting photographs taken and I know how nerve racking it can be but she didn’t show any of these whilst shooting! I believe we got a number of great shots that her boyfriend and Natalie will be happy with.

One thing I must note with all lifestyle shoots in home is make sure you have good lighting! I am not meaning have every light on in the house but to be mindful of the times of photo shoots. There is only so much one can do with flash to fill lighting. As you can see the first photograph is all natural lighting and the warm golden tones are evident. This was the perfect little window and I wish I had explored a few more options using it.

The other two are in black and white due to the mixture of harsh, limited and fluorescent lighting. Whilst (I believe) these photographs look good and work well in b&w it can be somewhat disappointing when you are after colour photographs but due to lighting conditions they do not meeting your expectations.

Life style shoots are best done with natural lighting coming through the windows in the early morning or later afternoon. The later in the afternoon is a more golden tone and looks really lovely for head shots and portraits. It’s my favourite time of the day. However, at the moment with these long summer days the sunshine can stay till 10pm so if you are after this light, please be mindful that 8:30pm may be the best time and to organize this with your photographer.

I hope you enjoy the tip!






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