Brisbane Photographer – Gemma & Thomas

It was a beautiful summer morning in Australia and when I say beautiful, I mean it was 30 degrees and it was only 8am!

It was another hot but beautiful sunny day that I photographed Gemma and Thomas. They had requested photographs with their children. Little did I know they were furry children! I adore photographing children and animals alike so this was particularly fun. We had a short session to update a few of the family photographs to send out for Christmas, hang on the walls and upload to Facebook to show everyone their happy little family. Gemma and Thomas did not want the photographs to be too “out there” so we settled on a few standard family shots outdoors which I believe worked well in the early morning light. The puppies were cheeky and would sit well with dad until mum wanted some shots!  We managed to snap away for a short time and get some photographs with the whole family and luckily it was short! Gemma and Thomas worked well under the conditions of the heat and were comfortable around the camera (something they were afraid of at the beginning). I always believe that you have to immerse yourself in your fears to rid yourself of irrational thoughts. However, if you asked me to take care of a snake for a week to get over my irrational fear of snakes I’d tell ya you’re dreamin’!

There’s a little aussie slang for you 😉

Gemma and Thomas actually asked me to photograph their wedding including their two adorable pooches. I sadly declined due to being overseas but I am sure that they have an absolutely beautiful wedding. I hope they are continuing their happily married life with the love I witnessed for each other and their family.


 Vancouver-12 Vancouver-14Vancouver-3Vancouver-10 Vancouver-9 Vancouver-8 Vancouver-7 Vancouver-6Vancouver-16   Vancouver

– Grace

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