Joffre Lakes, British Columbia.

Brad and I finally had another weekend off together and what does it do but forecasted to rain!

I think this may be the 3rd or 4th time Brad and I have had all weekend together in the last few months and it has been sunny all week and rains whenever we seem to want to do anything.

We decided to rent a car anyway and hope that the rain would be minimal or move on to another place. It rained on and off whilst driving up to Joffre Lakes but stopped when we got there yay! We decided to head to all 3 lakes and should be back in enough time to head home before dark. The hike was beautiful! One of the best that I’ve done I think. You had the hike trails covered with trees on either side to open spaced views where you could fall off the edge. The only problem was that they had closed the track for repair. They had created another track all in the wilderness along the rocks, tree roots and everywhere they tell you to “keep off” when walking along the regular hike. Well I can tell you that I wasn’t feeling too fit after it, however, we did it in a decent time and exceeding the expected times substantially so I didn’t feel too bad.

The views were worth the hike and I have never seen a lakes more beautiful than these. In the background was the glaciers and as we hiked higher and higher you could see them in exceptional detail. On the last leg it started to rain again so there were less photographs to had. It was one of those sights that you “just had to be there to see it” to understand the magnitude of its beauty.

We leave Vancouver in a week or so and I cannot wait for our next adventure. Oh and I finally saw a bear up close in the car. So freaking cute! I hope to see more of these lovely creatures whilst travelling around ūüôā

Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Joffre Lakes, British Columbia

Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Vancouver-24 Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Vancouver-28 Vancouver-34 Vancouver-29 Vancouver-31 Vancouver-37 Vancouver-38 Vancouver-39 Vancouver-40 Vancouver-41

Vancouver-43 Vancouver-44

Vancouver-45Vancouver-46 Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Vancouver-52 Vancouver-53 Vancouver-55 Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Vancouver-56Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Vancouver-59 Vancouver-60 Joffre Lakes, British Columbia Vancouver-63 Vancouver-57 Vancouver-67 Vancouver-68  Vancouver-69

– Grace

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