Brisbane Family Photographer – Kathryn, Craig and Oliver

Kathryn, Craig and Oliver hadn’t had any family photographs since he was born so this was a lovely treat for all of them.

Here is a collection of this beautiful family at Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens in Queensland, Australia. It was later in the afternoon so we moved around the pond and found some beautiful lighting. The only downside was poor Kathryn, Craig and Oliver were getting blinded by the sunlight! Later in the afternoon and early morning really are the best time to do family photo shoots.

The family wanted photographs to capture their love and happiness as a young family and I hope that is what I portrayed.


– Grace

AGA Family

AGA Family-2

 AGA Family-4 AGA Family-5

AGA Family-6 AGA Family-8

AGA Family-9 AGA Family-10

AGA Family-15

AGA Family-17

AGA Family-13AGA Family-33

AGA Family-21

AGA Family-23

AGA Family-24

 AGA Family-27

AGA Family-29

AGA Family-32

  Brisbane Family Photographer | Sunshine Coast Family Photographer | Queensland Family Photographer 


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