January morning in Brisbane – Queensland

I enlisted two wonderful friends in joining me for an early bird session of the sunset. I prefer to sleep in than catch the sunrise but that morning was worth it. I didn’t end up sleeping that night, much of what I am doing right now. Wasting time because insomnia has kicked it. I don’t actually have insomnia but I’m really bad at drinking coffee after 11am hence the lack of sleep.

Anyway… Georgie, Adam and I set out to Shorncliffe and to be honest the sunrise was a little disappointing. Luckily I had great company to keep me entertained. I think Adam thought it was a great opportunity to discuss his latest love interest or drunken escapade and I was only to have them near so I didn’t get attacked and they area, as I said, great company.

3 photos were the end result and here they are.


We ended the morning with McDonalds. I hate McDonalds unless I’m receiving a hash brown! Thanks to my two wonderful friends for getting up extremely early just to hang out with me and eat a crappy meal afterwards.

– Grace


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